60 Years of Dedication to Cage-Free Eggs

Our Commitment

Healthy Hens Lay Quality Eggs

We know safe and quality eggs only come from healthy hens living in a good environment.
Our farm is committed to careful preparation of everything surrounding our hens to ensure we raise healthy hens.

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A Bird-Centered Farm

We are always aware that our farm would not exist if it were not for the lives of these birds. It is only thanks to the healthy, high-quality eggs the hens lay every day that we can rest assured of our livelihoods; and recommend the eggs to our customers with confidence. We try never to forget the relationship we have with the birds.

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Honest Eggs

Eggs are an honest reflection of the environment: the feed, attention to health, and everything the hens receive.
Our eggs are produced in an environment purposely prepared for raising healthy hens and producing quality eggs.

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Online Store

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*Domestic shipping is available in Japan only.

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For Chefs and Retailers

Chefs from top-rated restaurants and hotels choose our eggs, to satisfy the demands of their customers and to pursue their passion for creating safe and quality food.

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