About Us

greenfarm Kuju Ltd.

Address: 4066-2 Kuju-Machi, Kuju, Taketa-Shi, Oita,878-0201 JAPAN
Founded: February 1964
Established: March 1992
President: Taiki Aramaki
TEL: +81-(0)974-76-1411
FAX: +81-(0)974-76-1412
For enquiry in English, please use the contact form.


Cage-Free Rearing House

For 1-42 Day Old Birds

Cage-Free Rearing House

For 42-120 Day Old Birds

Cage-Free House

For the Egg-Laying Period

Cage House

For the Egg-Laying Period

Grading and Packing Equipment

Equipped with Automated Egg Crack and Blood Detector.

Manure Compost

Processed Manure is Used by Local Farmers

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