For Chefs and Retailers

Chefs from top-rated restaurants and hotels choose our eggs, to satisfy the demands of their customers and to pursue their passion for creating safe and quality food.

Why They Choose Our Eggs

100% Cage-Free Eggs

Three different types of cage-free houses are prepared for throughout the birds' lifetime, from day-old chicks to hens in their egg-laying period.

*For specific products some birds are switched to a cage-system house from their egg-laying period.

Use Only Feed We Trust

We proudly feed hens Non-GMO grain, Non-Post-Harvest Pesticide (PHF) corn, and locally produced rice feed.

*Some exceptions may apply before the egg-laying period.

Our feed also does not contain antibiotics or synthetic hormones.

No Fishy Smell

Our high-quality feed, the pure groundwater and the refreshing breeze from the national park will never add a fishy smell to our eggs.

Fresh Eggs Directly Shipped from the Farm

We have our own packaging facility right beside the birds’ houses and our eggs are shipped directly from the farm. Our eggs can be delivered to our valued customers in the shortest time from the farm to the table.

For more detail

We Offer Wholesale

Wholesale is available in the form of packages (of 10 pcs) and boxes (available in 5kg and 10kg) with nationwide shipping and delivery available on a regular basis.
*Domestic shipping only.
We also have other selections of eggs and packaging, which are not shown on the webpage.
Please feel free to contact us for more details and information.

Customer Feedback

“No need to use vanilla or other additives to cover the smell from eggs because they don’t smell fishy.”

“Dough and meringue rise well with less baking powder.”

“When I baked a sponge cake with their eggs, it had a glossy texture and was a beautiful natural yellow.”


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