Honest Eggs

Eggs are an honest reflection of the environment: the feed, attention to health, and everything the hens receive.
Our eggs are produced in an environment purposely prepared for raising healthy hens and producing quality eggs.

Freshness at a Glance

When you crack the egg, you will find how solid the eggshell is, then the egg-white is not runny but holds together like gelatin and is thicker where it covers the egg yolk. These things are proof of an egg's freshness and the healthiness of the hens.

Rich Tasting Yolk with Hint of Sweetness

We know taste is as important as safety. Our hens run and fly around the cage-free house and have a good appetite, which enriches the taste of their eggs. We recommend you try a simple meal to taste the egg itself, such as a sunny-side up or the Japanese delicacy “Tamago Kake Gohan”, a rice bowl with egg.

No Fishy Smell

What hens take into their body directly affects the taste and smell of their eggs. Our high-quality feed, the pure groundwater and the refreshing breeze from the national park will never add a fishy smell to our eggs. This feature gains favor from confectioners and chefs, who uses a lot of eggs daily.

Natural Yellow Yolk

The yolk of our eggs is a natural yellow. This is because we don’t feed our hens artificial coloring to enhance the yolk color. The color is derived entirely from the natural ingredients of the hens' feed, such as Non-GMO corn and rice feed.

Quality Control System

Salmonella Control

We ensure there is no Salmonella in the farm, by means of a monthly inspection, also when chicks arrive from the hatchery, then after hens have left the farm. The inspection is carried out by a private and public institution.

Hygiene Control Zone

We define the border between the farm and beyond so as to avoid harmful viruses and bacteria being carried in. Every person who comes into the farm must change their shoes and vehicles have to pass through the disinfection gate.

Elimination of Defective Eggs

Eggs with heavy dirt, blood, or cracks are eliminated by an automated detector and a skilled worker.

Inspection of Pesticide and Radiation Residue

This inspection is carried out every year and we confirm that residue is not detected or is less than the reference value.

Water Quality Inspection

This inspection is carried out every year to ensure the groundwater we supply to hens is free from E.Coli and other chemicals.

Egg Quality Inspection

We have installed the egg quality inspection device (DET6000, NABEL) and track the quality of our eggs (shell strength, height of egg white, yolk color etc.).

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